Here are some links that we use with your child in SEN. (for spelling and reading for Ks1- reception -yr2) for ks1and yr.3) (for games and reviews of Science, Math, Literacy in Ks.1 and Ks2 - yr 1 - 6) ( to review different subject areas Math, literacy, science - Ks.1 and Ks2) (for extra links on different special education needs areas such as info on ADD, Dyslexia, Discalculia, etc.) (for playing Math games for K-Stage 1 and 2)
e-lab at (for different subjects areas Math, Litheracy, Science, Primary school) ( to play and review different subjects as Maths, Science, Litheracy, geography, Social Studies, etc . For K-Stage -2 and 3.)