The SEN department works closely with teachers,EAL (english as another language) and Counselling. SEN works for the whole school and as it names indicates works with students who have general or specific special needs. The department has a positivistic view keeping always in mind to reach goals that have been set in the programs developed for its students.

IAim: To teach special needs students to work without frustration so that in the future they can become responsible, independent learners and that positive results come with continuous hard work.

El Departamento de SEN trabaja en estrecha relaciòn con los profesores, con el departamento de EAL (English as an Additional Language) y con Counselling. SEN esta orientado a dar servicios a todo el colegio y como su nombre lo indica atiende a todo individuo que se considere con alguna necesidad educativa especial. El departamento tiene una visiòn positiva siempre con idea de alcanzar metas establecidas en los programas propuestos.

OBJETIVO: Es lograr que los estudiantes aprendar a trabajar sin frustración y que en un futuro puedan ser personas responsables, independientes y que reconozcan que al trabajar con empeño los resultados son positivos.

Aurelia Espinosa
Learning Support Coordinator

Hello. I work in the Learniing Support Department as its coordinator. I have been working at the British school for three years.
As a professional I worked for 12 years at the pontificia Universidad Católica lecturing in the departments of Psychology and Pedagogy. I have worked in the field of Special Education for over 20 years doing assessments, training students with special needs, as well as advising special needs parents. I studied in the United States earning a Bachellor degree of Special Needs Teacher first, and then a Masters degree in Educational Psychology.
My main focus here in the school is the well being and success of specila needs students as well as their parents with whom I work closely. I run assessments, teach students, coordinate ouside therapies and assessments for students. I serve primary and secondary sections. I work in close relation to teachers, assisstants, EAL specialists, Counselor and medical department. I enjoy my work and find it challenging.


Verónica Caamaño
SEN assistant
SEN (Special Education Needs)

Hi I am Verónica, I work in this department, my job is mainly helping kids understand maths better by designing specific learning objectives that are specific for each child. Some times I work in class with the students. If the child needs and wants we can go outside and have the class in a better place where I can provide fun concrete materials that will make maths really easier and have a quiet place to think and concentrate as well.
I studied Educational Psychology at Pontificia Universidad Católica. This is my third year working at The British School of Quito and I really enjoy our maths classes! Is amazing how maths can become fun when you interact.